Katie is the owner of Bathing Beauties Beads. She found her love of beads at age 9 on a family trip to Arizona and never looked back. In fact on that trip she crafted and sold her first bracelet! She came to Missoula in 1997, discovered  Bathing Beauties Beads and knew she was home!

She finds design inspiration everywhere, from hikes, birds and insects, to motion and kinetic energy, solar systems and pulleys. Several artists have influenced her desire to work with textures and depth in each piece. These artists include Dina Ghen, Petah Coyne, and Robberto Cappuci to name a few.


Adena is currently working hard on her Nursing Degree and she is kicking butt!

Owners Notes: In her “spare” time she also makes the most amazing geometrical beaded jewelry anyone has ever seen. Her attention to detail is one to be rivaled and she uses that strength in her jewelry design and her studies.


I have been beading ever since I can remember. I've always been in love with creating and I can happily say that Bathing Beauties Beads is my dream job. I have lived in Missoula my whole life and recently graduated from the U of M with a bachelors in Psychology and French. Working at BB has enhabced my passion for all things art and my love of Missoula and the great people that live/visit here.

Owners Notes: Have you seen those Nasty Woman earrings floating around town? Yep this Nasty Woman made em'! Outside of metal stamping and jewelry design Erin also uses her vivacious style to thrift you all under the table! 





Jazmine Penelope has a BFA in Visual Art from Vermont’s Bennington College with an emphasis in Ceramics.  Jazmine uses many materials and methods to resolve artistic ideas, and has been drawing, sculpting, composing, performing, and making jewelry since she was a child.  She is from Missoula, MT.   

Owners Notes: What Jazmine left out... she has designed multiple pieces for Bathing Beauties Beads including a tryptic that, in its paint strokes, illustrates the divine femininity in the universe of beads.