Oh the possibilities of a bead swap!

Oh the possibilities of a bead swap!

BEST BEAD SWAP (and help raise $$$ for the ZACC)

What is a Bead Swap?

Sell your leftover beads, and Buy someone else's treasures. … and drink a little vino, eat a little chocolate, chat about beads, and love it all!
Those who participate will receive special shop deals offered during the swap.

$10 per person if you are “swapping” ($5 of fee to be donated to ZACC)
Want to “Shop the Swap”
(this means you aren’t bringing anything to swap)
is a $15 fee. ($5 donated to the ZACC)
You want to participate but can’t attend? Let us be your proxy we’ll charge the $10 fee ($5 donated to the ZACC) plus 15% commission on anything you sell.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 11th 5pm-8pm

TO SELL: Bring in your leftover and extra beads/tools/supplies you never plan to use.

Package everything as you would for a garage or tag sale.  Put all items in zip lock or recycled bags so there are no spillage problems.  Tubes should be taped closed. Please put your name or initials on each bag/tube.

Just some tips on packaging
Try not to sell 1 bead for .05, put several in a bag for 1.00 or more. Be sure to label what is in your bag and place your name on each bag.

-Remember to price items at garage sale prices.  This is not to say high ticket items will not go. 

-Please no staples.

Please feel free to contact the store if you have any questions and to RSVP, 406-543-0018.

We can’t wait!

xo -The Beauties